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New to the Iowa Cattlemen's Association? Here are the basics:

The Iowa Cattlemen's Association is proud to support nearly 8,000 members and 97 local county organizations.

Our Mission: Grow Iowa's beef cattle business through advocacy, leadership, and education.

ICA Goals

Represent ICA Members: Be the definitive voice of the Iowa cattle industry.

Have a Legislative and Regulatory Presence: Influence the outcome of government actions to the most positive outcome for Iowa cattle producers.

Support Leadership Development of Members: Strengthen the leadership capacity of ICA members with an emphasis on developing young leaders.

Provide Staff Support to County Affiliates: Develop tools and training for county affiliates to effectively implement local activities.

Cattle Producers

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As a producer member, you will:

  • Support your local county cattlemen’s group
  • Have a voice at the state and national capitol
  • Provide input on producer topics and issues
  • Gain access to news/information about the beef industry
  • Receive educational materials to implement on your farm
  • Get to know other farmers and industry stakeholders
  • Receive Performance Livestock Analytic's Cattle Krush program for FREE

Fair Share

Fair Share is an investment in your operation’s future. At 25 cents per head annually, Fair Share provides ICA with the resources needed for issues response, membership awareness and voice, and public relations efforts. Read more about Fair Share and how it’s used here.

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Friends of the Industry

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Many Iowans who do not raise cattle support the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association.

As a friend of the industry member, you can:

  • Support your local county cattlemen’s group
  • Have a voice at the state and national capitol
  • Receive a monthly Iowa Cattleman magazine and regular e-newsletters
  • Network with producers and industry stakeholders at ICA events
  • Help provide educational materials and events for Iowa cattle producers
  • Get your business in front of cattle producers through sponsorships
  • Receive a discount on print and digital advertising


Family Ties to the Business: Your cattle production and agricultural heritage is important. Support the industry that provided the opportunities you have today.

Business Connection: There are 13,465 jobs in the state of Iowa directly related to Iowa’s beef cattle producers; and many more businesses have ties to the beef industry as a whole.

Retired Producer: Continue to support the industry that was once your livelihood. Your support ensures that beef production remains a positive and rewarding experience.

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